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Middle Ages


330 - 1453
New Rome; Justinian; Iconoclasm; Russia; Orthodox Church; Ottoman Turks; Eastern Europe; Istanbul; Vlad the Impaler
6th - 14th century
Clovis; Battle of Tours; Charles Martel; Western Europe; Pepin; Charlemagne; Germany; Feudalism; Crusades; Knighthood
610 - 1258
Muhammad; Muslims; Mecca; Medina; Abu Bakr; Caliph; Umayyad; Shiites; Baghdad; Abbasid's; Spain; El Cid
9th - 11th century
Denmark; Sweden; Norway; Normans; Normandy; Great East-West Schism; Duke William of Normandy; Scandinavia
5th - 14th century
England; King Arthur; Anglo-Saxons; Ireland; Battle of Hastings; William the Conqueror; Robin Hood; Scots
1337 - 1453
King Edward III; Black Plague; Flogging; Serfs; Tamerlane; Joan of Arc