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America 1585 - 1914

1585 - 1706
John Smith; Pocahontas; John Rolfe; Pilgrims; Mayflower; Squanto; Thanksgiving; Puritans; Charles II; Salem Witch Trials
1706 - 1763
Plantations; George Washington; Fur Trade; Canada; Mississippi; King George III
1763 - 1783
Stamp Act; Boston Tea Party; Continental Congress; John Adams; Declaration of Independence; Valley Forge
1775 - 1890
Geronimo; Apache; General Custer; Crazy Horse; Little Big Horn; Sitting Bull; Seminole; Tecumseh; Sioux; Southwest
1783 - 1812
Bill of Rights; Slavery; Republicans; Alexander Hamilton; Federalists; Louisiana Purchase; Lewis and Clark; Henry Clay
1812 - 1854
Trail of Tears; Texas; Alamo; Manifest Destiny; Mexican War; California Gold Rush; Cotton Gin; Industrial Revolution
1854 - 1865
Abraham Lincoln; Fort Sumter; Robert E. Lee; Stonewall Jackson; Emancipation Proclamation; General Ulysses S. Grant
1865 - 1877
KKK; 14th and 15th Amendments; Rockefeller; Wild Bill; Calamity Jane; General Custer; Crazy Horse
1877 - 1889
Monopolies; Indian Wars; Annie Oakley; Buffalo Bill; Sitting Bull; Geronimo; Billy the Kid; Jesse James; Wyatt Earp
1889 - 1914
Oklahoma; Spanish-American War; Theodore Roosevelt; Panama Canal; Woodrow Wilson; Jim Thorpe; Hawaii; Titanic